Friday, August 27, 2010

Pasar malam Danau Kota

A day before raya.. and this is the only nite that I can visit the Raya Nite Bazaar for the last time before raya.. I'm not gonna say much about it.. just sharing a few photos of the craziness of the bazaar..I went there with mama and papa.and as usual my two bro's don't want to follow. Up to them but you'll miss a lot , abang.don't blame it on me if i get more things than you do.... hehehe...

Varieties of Baju Melayu and Baju Kurung to choose from..

songkok and scarfs

my raya would be meaningless without Pelita to lite up my firecrackres

Topeng hantu pun ada ??????
Capal - tradisional slippers


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